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Basic/ Standard


Bike Stock Image


Basic Service


- Safety Check - Bolts Toqued and Tight
- Headset/Bottom Bracket & Wheel bearings preload checked and wear assessed
- Chain and Drive train Wear assessed
- Chain and Drive Train Lubed
- Gear Adjust and Hanger Straighten
- Brake Calipers Aligned
- Check Pad and Rotor Wear
- Check Spoke Tension
- Tyre Pressure Check
- Report of Recommended Maintenance Required
- Test Ride
-Wash and degrease


Standard Service


- Includes Basic Service
- Bike Washed Dergreased and Polished
- Headset Bearings Removed Assessed and Regreased
- Wheels Removed Regreased And Re-Tensioned
- Cranks Removed asessed and Re-installed
- Axles greased
- New parts installed if necessary
- Test ride

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