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Manta5 Stock Image

MANTA5s (water bikes)

New for the Summer season, we announce the arrival of our fleet of power-assisted water e-bikes: The Manta5. This is the future of water sports: Allowing the rider to skim along lake Jindabyne in style and ease.

Our staff are now fully trained in getting you up-and-running on these babies as of now.

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Waydoo Stock Image

Waydoo e-foil boards

ALSO New for the 2021/22 Summer season: we have introduced Waydoo foil boards to our fleet of watercraft. Already making the literal splash on lake Jindabyne: enabling the rider to cruise the lake in absolute style!

Our fleet is now available for training and hiring.

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Traditional Water Craft

Paddling and sailing on Lake Jindabyne - one of Australia's highest Lakes - is a great way to relax, take in some scenery and explore the bays and islands of the lake.

No booking necessary. Just come on down.

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