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Time: 4-8 hours

Route & Distance:

Guthega Power Station <-> Schlink Hilton Hut (22 km return)
Guthega Power Station <-> Valentine Falls  ( 38 km return)
Guthega Power Station -> Geehi Reservoir ( 29 km one-way)

Difficulty: Intermediate


This long, high altitude ride starting from Guthega Power Station (Munyang) across the Snowy River, it climbs a gravel road which zig zags steeply uphill. After around 4 km, look on your left for the track to Horse Camp Hut. Built in the 1950s for surveyors this corrugated iron hut has a distinctive red door.

Back on the main track, continue another 4 km to White’s River Hut. You’ll pass some of the oldest snow gums in the park, heath, and boulder fields that are home to rare mountain pygmy possums.

Built for shepherds in 1934, then used by ski tourers, White’s River Hut is a good stop to refuel before a further 1.5km up the valley to Schlink Pass. At 1800m, this is the highest point on the ride. Next is Schlink Hut, 1.5km downhill. Also called the Hilton, for its size, it was built in 1961 for maintenance workers. Rest and enjoy the beautiful stream nearby and have a bite to eat before returning the way you came.Or, you could continue onto Valentine Falls and check out Valentine Hut before returning.

Intrepid riders can make a trip to tackle the steep winding descent to Geehi Reservoir. This involves organising us to pick you up at the end of the day.


Price: $390 per person for route Schlink Hut or Valentine Fall; $500 per person for route Geehi Reservoir
BYO bike 20% OFF

Includes: E-bikes and helmet hire, Light meal, beverage and transport if needed.

People limits: min. 4 people/ max. 16 people


Reservation required. Please text us for booking :)